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application - Cute queer couples [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cute queer couples

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application [Aug. 1st, 2008|05:48 pm]
Cute queer couples



o1. How long have you been together:er....
o2. Whats your anniversary 12th of EVERY month :)
o3. How did you meet: internet
o4. What is the sweetest thing you've done for your s/o or whats the sweetest thing they've done for you:angie made me a treasure hunt around her house that led to chocolate
o5. Are you both out?: oh hell yeah
o6. How did you meet?internet?
o7. Do you believe you're truly in love? yes!
o8. Tell us a romantic story:angie proposed to me in bed at like midnight when i was half asleep and i responded sleeepily "yeah"
o9. Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with him/her? i cant imagine not doing so
10. Is there any room for improvement in your relationship? we commuincate differently so we will always need to take out time
11. If you could change one thing about your relationship, what would it be and why? she would live closer to me!
12. What, in your opinion, is the most important thing in a relationship? talking stuff through so you can come to problems from a place of love
13. Tell us something interesting about your relationship. ang weighs half what i do!
14. Describe your relationship in one word. dream-come-true!! (he he its a compound!)
15. Promote in one community and to one user.
16. Finally, post some pics!!! (atleast 3 pics)


[User Picture]From: __rosieposie
2008-12-03 02:48 am (UTC)
I don't know you at all. But I just wanted you to know that this entry and what you wrote about your girlfriend inspired me.

It makes me want to be a better girlfriend in my next relationship.

I hope you two spend a wonderful forever together.
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[User Picture]From: littlemisssatan
2008-12-03 08:07 am (UTC)
aww thankyou, thats really nice, you should probably know though lol that ang got very sick and we broke up :( i hope you still take the same from it tho x
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